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Pathway / Road builder on E2   (island Unknown)


Public Enterprise on E2   (Happener Developments)


Development built on E2   (Island Unknown)


Teleport HUB built on E2   (Welcomer Bay)

We walk the talk.


Our mission statement is simple, “Our network of locations to be the preferred landing place for new and existing E2 players wishing to experience everything Earth 2 has to offer.”

Launched in December 2020, we are the first Earth2 Transport, Security and Development E2 Enterprise. Linking you to the highest of quality projects, cities and experiences within Earth2 with our orignal Happener Transport HUB network.

"Ready for whatever E2 throws at us"

We are an enterprise that aims to include and support all communities on E2. We want to build something great that can be enjoyed by the masses in years to come. We believe in the E2 project and are honored to be apart! 

Earth2 is so much more then buying and selling tiles, we envision what users will be able to do with the tiles in the future. If you want to be a part of something great to come, please reach out to us! 


Whilst we are a enterprise within Earth2 - we are not a real world business and at the moment the future of Earth2 is pure speculation. Please checkout the below official E2 website before making any purchase on the platform. We will not sell outside of the platform, all sales are to happen within E2.

Earth to Happener is a virtual Enterprise located within the Earth 2 virtual game. Any game that uses real currency should be considered high risk for you to make any return. If you are unsure please seek independent proffessional advice. 

This is not the official E2 website. Before making any purchase or taking any advice from anyone in the E2 community please see the official Earth2 website below.

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