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"The home of E2 Education"


Artemis City is about building a city that is interesting for both E2 investors and E2 players. The city will be visually appealing and built primarily for education. With opportunities for both, monetisation for its landowners and plenty of entertainment, education, workshops and knowledge for its visitors.
Artemis City has a well thought out concept, and it aims to be the home of all E2 education!


All the knowledge of in one city

The Library of Alexandria-inspired version of E2. Our educational centres will offer a variety of workshops, libraries of all kinds, and opportunities for high-level exchanges for young and old.

Futuristic architecture with visually appealing structures, corporate offices,

and a home for the brightest minds on E2. An educational facility and an opportunity for all.

Through various collaborations with other cities, the global network continues to grow every day. Each of our partners shares their knowledge with us and we archive everything in designated categories and libraries. This creates a pool of knowledge from which the whole new world of Earth2 can benefit.



The city is located on the Adriatic Sea at the entrance of the Bay of Kotor and is mainly important for tourism. The centre is formed from a diamond and is already known among insiders for its exceptional shape and as an educational stronghold.

Artemis City offers kilometres of beaches, is situated at the foot of an incredible hilly landscape and offers enough resources for every inhabitant due to the fertile land.
The surrounding mountains offer an indescribable wealth of iron ore deposits, stone and forestry for timber.Due to the favourable location, solar energy is of course also a big topic and will make many headlines in E2.Sand, aggregates and clay for concrete and construction are abundant due to the stony beaches in the west.


Multi-use libraries for VR workshops, which have only existed in low quality up to now, are to receive a new boost from us.

A port is also planned for the import and export of resources. catering for yachts, boats and all other



Happener Security Services and Transport HUB

Find Artemis City in

Blank tiles available. 

 Recommended purchase size 3x3 -50 tiles connected with road / path (road network is constantly being expanded).


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