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"A call for all artists and art lovers"

Call for artists / art lovers! This is (but mostly will be) ArtisTown, a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment located in peaceful Laos, nearby Vientiane on the banks of Mekong river. This project was born with the purpose to connect Artists / Art Lovers and build a small town where people can create all kind of artworks and others can come... attending events, performances or just for a walk...there will be around really cool stuff! it's all in our hands (and phase 2-3). We'd like to create with you a place where artists can create ( painters, musicians, sculptors, writers...and so on, all are welcome) and share their artworks.


"Let yourself be inspired"

When VR become a part of the “game” will be a good place to be. Think about 3D painting performances, readings, jam sessions, massive sculptures to visit and whatever you can imagine! Let yourself be inspired by watching the river flows, surrounded by unspoiled nature and a city in complete harmony with it..and of course cool people. Our vision is in between a rural village and an Eco-tech city, inspired by projects like “smart forest city” by italian architect Stefano Boeri or similar concepts but more dreamlike.

Limited City Oversight

A community by artists, for artist.

Come and appreciate art in its craziest VR form!

All art included, a place of visual and audio bliss!


Welcome to ArtisTown

Join us and help to make it grow! We need you to make it happen! Be Creative! We don’t have specific rules about drawing your place, just be nice and think about future development, the most important part will come in phase 2 and 3. Have fun!! This will be a community with same privileges for all, so anyone has rights to suggest, enhance or just talk about it


Happener Security Services and Transport HUB

Happener Transport HUB in a centeral location linking you to only the best most organized E2 Cities.

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Build whatever, wherever - ArtisTown is all about the art!

Lets build something special!


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