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Avalon: City of Trees

Heart and Soul.


Cooperation and Collaboration

The heart and soul of any game is its community, in celebration of this fact SHP took up the task of creating a new generation of city, where the roads and plots are owned and developed by all guild members. It's a city built out of cooperation, and designed for long term collaboration between players and members of all creeds.

From SHP to the world

Days of research, planning, and strategizing let to the birth of Avalon, our capital city and home to all players looking for a grand future in the digital expanse of Earth2. With innovative phase planning we have secured resources, trade routes, and even areas like our airport plot designed to connect the city worldwide throughout the ages, and this is where E2Happener comes in.


Find Avalon in

Blank tiles available. 

Recommended buy size 30 - 50 tiles / lot.

Connected to road / pathway.


Happener Security Services and Transport HUB

With a similar philosophy based on trade and cooperation, it was only logical that our paths would intertwine and lead us to a grand chapter in this game's history. We wholeheartedly welcome our new friends and all those to come to Avalon, a city that stands for more than just wealth and strength, but for friendship and vision.

Avalon City of Trees

A city for all

Designed and protected by SHP



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