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 Structured City 

  Flow City 

Developed City  

Structured City 

A structured city is one where the city creators have built infrastrure and road for players to then build around at new tile price. 

The main advantage of this city type is that you have a near guarantee that if you build next to a road / walkway you will be able to access your lot and the city. 


Structured City example (Zigurat City)

Developed City

Developed Cities will likely play a larger role once players can subdivide. There are a few examples of current developed cities such as Welcomer Bay and Settlement Zero (Happener Developments) where the developer or several players have pre purchased lots to then resell. 

The main advantage of this type of city is that lot sizes are directly controlled by the developer. There is zero risk that a lot will not be connected to a road / pathway if planned correctly by the developer. These type of cities can often therefore be walled / gated communities that in future may provide city creators more control over the overall city experience. 


Developed City example (Settlement Zero)

Flow City 

A Flow City is usually community built by several players all buying tiles within close proximity to each other. By far the flow cities currently in E2 are the most impressive in terms of tiles sold. 

The main advantage to this city type is the shear scale and numbers of people involved to make it work. 

The risk in this city type is that depending on where you buy your lot, you could be "built in" by other players and unable to easily access the rest of the city. However, many assume that players will be able to walk on player owned land and walk around structures to reach desired destinations. These flow cities may likely create natural pathways that assist in the "flow" of traffic within the city.

Most Developed and Structured cities will have flow type suburbs in the outskirts. 

example flow.PNG

Flow City example (Eye of the Sahara)

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