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Black Washed Wall

"Robot Fantasy"

The robot city was created to be a different city, one of the first real cities on earth2. The concept is to have a city with a robot fantasy for amusement parks. The port that is located on the adjacent lake and the various portals located in the large properties of the capital. A city with great resources and will adapt to our civilization. Join and create your own robot with imagination, follow the structure. 


To the West, the entrance to the robot city with the famous portal, with the possibility of advertising.

To the East, the port, where there will be a resource (water) and various avatar games.  Avatars will be able to walk on the lake.


Happener Security Services and Transport HUB

Happener Transport HUB in a centeral location linking you to only the best most organized E2 Cities.

Find   GORDIAN  City  in

Blank tiles available.

Build as per others, Robot lots! 

Connected to road / pathway.


Find  GORDIAN City on Socials..

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