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With land and resources all over the world, we decided to build our first megacity at the coast of Togo.

We are the first city over land and sea.

Country rich in resources, geographically well located and with good access.

Our city is ready to be occupied.

We going to bring Roman, Greek mythology mixed up with old and new Europe back.

With structures, buildings and all kinds of roads built, huge centers whit arenas, all kinds of market possibilities and activities you will find in the future.

With the opportunity to earn resources in different games and challenges.

Bets, Risk, Fun.

A Megacity with huge potential in business and exchange of resources/essences.

We believe in this idea because these structures continue to be the ones that today continue to have good shape and still standing. We want to have good protection with a lot of resistance and to make our city one of the most beautiful in Earth 2. io.

Lets see what the future brings.

We still expanding, Rome was not made in one day.

Join us, together we will be stronger.

Stay Healthy!

Team Earth2 Portugal

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