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Resource Rich

Resource Rich Rezion is in the heart of Africa, the Central African Republic. Renowned for its resource rich land, CAF presents Rezion with the opportunity to effectively harness resources implemented in Phase 2 of Earth 2s production. Resources such as of diamonds, gold, uranium, wood, water, Copper , cotton and other minerals. This places Rezion at an immediate advantage against other megacities.


Find Rezion in

Blank tiles available. 

Recommended buy size 30 - 50 tiles / lot.

Connected to road / pathway.


The Rezion Advantage

 Expansion Rezion is focused on being an ever-expanding city that retains structure and mobility. After just 30 hours of being live, Rezion’s inner and outer districts sold out. Through our referral system and private investment our team were able to expand borders north and eastern, creating entirely new districts. These too sold out within hours, showcasing the high demand for inner city tiles.

Huge growth of tile value since launch of Rezion Mega City.

All money made from 5% referral’s goes straight back into expanding roads and districts! This is a community driven project - this is the code! 0XELTIUH1U


Structured and Organised

Structured & Organised Rezion is one of the few megacities of Earth 2 built with a solid foundation of roads, districts and islands that are easy to expand upon with increases of demand. The team envisions Rezion to be one of the biggest cities of Earth 2 through centralised leadership, continued work on city structure and expansive marketing campaigns. We also co-ordinate and update daily on our Twitter, Facebook group and upcoming Discord channel. 


Happener Security Services and Transport HUB

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