Wild Nature

A  12,000 Tile Happener Development.

Human Interation. Art. Nature.

Virtual Reality..

At its finest.

The largest Development by a single enterprise in Earth2. 

Where on Earth would you take an alien to show them the very best of Earth?

Situated next door to Alien Giga Structure.

Settlement Zero will proudly show off the very best of Earth2


Backed by only the very best.


Next to Alien.PNG

Showing of the best that Earth has to offer in a virtual reality enviroment. 

Think the most beautiful gardens you have ever seen, x10, in VR.

We will show off what E2 allows us to. 

Settlement Zero will be a place of trade, chat and beauty. A transport HUB that advertises the Happener Network in full.

Also, of course, a place for the aliens from giga-strucutre to chillax!

A walled / gated Happener Friendly Safe City.

Backed by Happener Security Services.

Just outside the open gates,  welcome to Alien Giga-Structure, some of the weirdest sh*t on E2, guaranteed! 

Check it out here,





We have the strongest and most popular network of cities in Earth2.


We are not just a listing site, we have developed relationships with all of these cities.


Settlement Zero will easily direct users to all of the Happener networked cities most beautiful sites. 


Want to invest in the best? Want to see the best that Earth2 will have to offer? 


Settlement Zero 

Find   Settlement Zero  in Earth2.io

As is a development, all tiles must be purchased from Developer or existing land holder. 

See the location below and find a lot connected to the road. 

Look for square / rectangle lots connected to a pathway.


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