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"Highest City in E2"


Join Tian (tea – en) – The ONLY Earth2 City at over 6,000 metres (20,000ft) above sea level. Situated in the Bhutanese Himalayas, Tian (The City in the Sky) is a fast-growing, friendly community with a mission to be the pinnacle of mountainous development in Earth2. Our vision for Tian is to become a sacred city with oriental temples and traditional housing – but built in a futuristic way. We hope to combine the old with the new in Tian.


Tian is located in Bhutan, 5km from the Chinese border. There are currently no neighboring towns or cities, but the nearest real-life town is 19km away – Lunana – a small village. Gasa is located 30km away and is larger than Lunana.

Find all 3 Locations on this map. An airport and transportation hub location is not yet confirmed.


Several Locations


Location 1: This area is currently the most inhabited area. We have plans to put a large traditional monument here. The lakes are surrounded by mountains on all sides.


Spectacular Views

Location 2: There is a singular 200 metre long lake with mountains surrounding the entire area. This area will be an ‘old town’ with Asian – inspired buildings.


Location 3: It boasts two large glacial lakes which are 600m and 1.5km long. There is a small lake South West of the plot and lots of space for a ski resort West of the lakes. Here will be the financial centre, with a huge entertainment industry. Supertall skyscrapers in the clouds and huge value properties.

Our Logo was influenced by traditional Asian flowers: The Japanese Blossom and The Bhutanese Poppy. In Chinese and Bhutanese culture, Gold represents prosperity, respectability and power. This is what Tian strives to be. The centerpiece of the logo is the Chinese and Japanese character: Tiān. Tiān means Heaven, Day and Sky; linking back to its location 8000m in the air, and the heavenly atmosphere we aim to create.


Happener Security Services and Transport HUB

Find Tian in

Blank tiles available. 

Recommended buy size 30 - 50 tiles / lot.

Connected to road / pathway.


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Official Tian Website

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