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"Futuristic Utopian Inspiration"

Built around futuristic and utopian inspiration, X-Topia strives to be amongst the greatest cities of Earth2. With an already proven community of over one hundred people and ever growing, we aim to be a powerhouse in the tech & trade industries.

"Size and resource growth"

Our great city already has a strong and trustworthy management team that is proving crucial, with concentration on size and resource growth, you can be sure to see constant progress in our future.

The city is made up of a wide spread range of talents, this gives us the capabilities to be one of the top communities out there.


Happener Security Services and Transport HUB


Find X-Topia in

Blank tiles available. 

Recommended buy size 25 - 50 tiles / lot.

Connected to road / pathway.

For location,


Contact X-Topia for location on Discord


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